Jun 16, 2008

23 Questions with fetish legend Jean Bardot

Jean BardotToday, Bianca Beauchamp All Access offers you an exclusive in depth interview with fetish legend and heavy rubber enthusiast Jean Bardot.

Miss Bardot (BBAA 1 & 2) is very well known in the fetish scene , notably for her fetish film presence as the alter-ego character named Rubberella, a heavy rubber character Jean’s been playing for years during her long time collaboration with Gwenmedia’s founder and close friend Bob Zak. Sadly, unfortunate events in 2007 took the life of Mr. Zak. This tragic turn of events was shortly followed by the shocking news that Jean Bardot would not be able to continue using the name of the character people had come to associate her with.

In 2008, the European Fetish Awards nominated Miss bardot for a Special Award for “bouncing back on her feet after loosing the name Rubberella”. It comes at no surprise that such a clear message of respect was publically displayed by Miss bardot’s peers. Jean is known and very much appreciated by every single key player in the fetish scene. Her charming personality, witty intelligence, open attitude towards all kinks, and genuine affection for people, made her into one of the most beloved fetish persona today. And so, perhaps she lost the name of a popular fictional character… but Miss Bardot’s true love for latex fetish has won her the heart of millions who saw through that character, the real person that we will all remember to be Miss Jean Bardot.

Fetish Lover & Model
Websites: JeanBardot.com

BBAA: Good evening Jean! Thank you for giving us the interview. You were in the film All Access 1 and now you return in All Access 2. How did you come up to be in these films?

JEAN BARDOT: I was invited to come to the Montreal Fetish Weekend and to spend some time with my friends. It was that easy!

BBAA: You’ve been in many films before. Can you tell us about your experience making those?

JEAN BARDOT: Those have all been quite different. Those are mostly BDSM and latex fetish based at the same time.

BBAA: How did shooting for fetish films in the past compared to shooting All Access I and II?

JEAN BARDOT: All Access I and II were more of a documentary type film that follows those that are in the latex fetish business around during a fetish weekend event. It was quite a bit more laid back and just a lot of fun.


BBAA: To our knowledge, a film like ALL ACCESS 1 had never been attempted before in the fetish scene. Would you say this is a fair assessment and if so, what’s you take on that?

JEAN BARDOT: I would have to concur.

BBAA: In All Access I, you explain that you “were asked to participate in a latex fashion show, and you’ve been hooked on the material ever since”. What originally attracted to this type of fashion?

JEAN BARDOT: I had always been attracted to things that were “different” or out of the norm. I was attracted to the look, the feel; inside and out. Latex was a shiny I had never seen before. It polished up. It was very tight and it had this smell…………hmmm…

    “I’ve always been attracted to things that are “different” or out of the norm.”

BBAA: In the latex 90s, early 2000s, latex fashion seemed to become more and more accessible. Did you notice a change in latex fashion in the past 10 years?

JEAN BARDOT: Yes, there are many more designers. There are many more colors. The fashions became to dictate those on the runways in Paris and New York. Latex became a bit more fashionable, not just for the fetishist any longer.


BBAA: On the other hand, it seems you have specialized yourself in Heavy Rubber (rubber from head to toe, latex hoods, inflatable latex suits, etc.) in photoshoots to videos. How did you made the jump from wearing latex in a fashion show to a totally rubberized fetish icon?

JEAN BARDOT: Well at the same time that I was having my first fashion show with latex, I was also studying and working as a Dominatrix. That is where my passion came about. I began learning how rubber could get so heavy into the BDSM scene. It was amazing to me. Party of learning the art of Domme-ing is that you need to put yourself into situations that you would put your sub into. That is where I learned that I liked to be encased in latex. It just felt very good. I love to put people in just places and I love to be in those places at the same time. It is a great experience for me.

BBAA: What is it that attracts you in more elaborate rubber costumes usually associated with Heavy Rubber?

JEAN BARDOT: Again it is some of the earlier things that I stated. The feel, the shinyness, the tightness and then the smell

BBAA: It is undeniable that Jean Bardot is a pillar name in the latex fetish scene. Do you still love latex as much as you did when you discovered it, or did it change/evolve over time during your career?

JEAN BARDOT: I still do love it as much as I ever did. It has also evolved a bit. There are so many different designers now and so many different techniques that they use to make the latex look a little different. I feel I may a pit more picky as to what I choose to buy.

BBAA: In 2006, the fetish scene was shocked by the unexpected death of Bob Zak, the man behind the success of Gwen Media Studios. You were a long time collaborator and friend of Bob and we can only imagine how difficult this must have been for you. How did his passing away affect you on a personal and professional level?

JEAN BARDOT: Yes that was a most difficult time in my life, professionally and personally. He was the person I did my first fashion show with. He was one of the first heavy rubber clients I would see. He was the first person I shot latex in. There were a lot of connections between the two of us. On some level we thought much alike. Personally I have a huge hole in my heart. I lost a best friend. Professionally, I am on my own shooting, making films, traveling, doing shows. It is a bit different. I am learning to like making the decisions myself, at the same time it is harder.

    ” Personally I have a huge hole in my heart. I lost a best friend.”

BBAA: On a more positive note, you were nominated for an award by The European Fetish Awards 2008 “for bouncing back after losing the use of ‘Rubberella’”. Do you feel there is recognition in the scene from your peers and fans in regards to your career?

JEAN BARDOT: That was a huge surprise. I loved that. It did make me feel like all the work that I have done in the transition of names has been noticed. It felt really good.

BBAA: Your website www.jeanbardot.com features elaborate rubber scenes and mise en scene with other ladies in latex. What can visitors expect to see in the members zone?

JEAN BARDOT: Latex fashion along with my exploration in latex bondage with other females. Some of that will BDSM incorporated in to photos or video clips.

BBAA: You have recently released a brand new DVD entirely produced by you. Tell us more about that film and your experience as a producer.

JEAN BARDOT: I have learned so much producing my first DVD. It has been a ride. It has been great. A project that I am very proud of. It carries the theme of BDSM and heavy rubber. I invite Mistress Nicolette to my new facility where I transform a patient. My assistant, that naughty rubber slut, messes things up then devises a plan to try and take over my facility. Lots of hot girls in latex bondage. What more can you ask for.

BBAA: Your new DVD features co-stars Anastasia Pierce and Mistress Nicolette. They also seem to appear more and more on your website. Tell us about your relationship with them.

JEAN BARDOT: I have worked with both of those women for almost ten years.. I love both of them and greatly respect their work.

BBAA: Let’s quickly get back to the All Access films: can you tell us about your relationship with Bianca Beauchamp and how you came to know her?

JEAN BARDOT: I met her by attending some of the fetish events around the world. I have always thought she was extremely gorgeous. She has become a great friend to me.

BBAA: You were featured a few times on Bianca’s Latex Lair with her in latex photoshoots. Can you tell our readers how it is to pose with her?

JEAN BARDOT: She is a lot of fun to work with. She is extremely professional, knows how to pose and show off her assets!!

BBAA: You’ve been quite active in the fetish scene the past few years. What brings you to those events?

JEAN BARDOT: Sometimes it will be friends that I know will be there, sometimes it will be for work. But mostly it is the energy of people that are attending, performing and just simply showing off having a great time. I love how that feels.

BBAA: We ask the following questions during all our interviews. First, let’s talk about Fetish vs Mainstream. A lot of people seem to say fetish (latex in particular) is becoming more and more mainstream and judging from the entertainment industry, it seems they are right: videoclips from Beyonce, Rhianna, Britney, and more artists all feature a lot of latex and films use the material very often in science-fictions and the likes. Yet, it has been argued on many web fetish forums that the more fetish is becoming mainstream, the more it is loosing its appeal for true latex fetishists. What’s your take on this debate?

JEAN BARDOT: I feel that if you are a true latex fetishist it shouldn’t matter if it is mainstream or not. Being a latex fetishist means that latex does something to you when you see it, wear it, feel it and smell it. I haven’t lost my appeal to it!!!

    “Being a latex fetishist means that latex does something to you when you see it, wear it, feel it and smell it.”

BBAA: How was your experience of shooting All Access 2 compared to the first film?

JEAN BARDOT: I think the only difference was that I was more comfortable with the cameras around.

BBAA: Can you tell us about the other main cast members of the film and how it was for you to work with them?

JEAN BARDOT: Well I love my Montreal friends. The Richard has the best heart and has so much energy. Rubberdoll is a good friend and was fun to perform with.

BBAA: Do you have any funny stories or anecdotes you could tell our readers from the shooting of All Access 2?

JEAN BARDOT: I think the film with answer that question!!!!

BBAA: All Access 2 was filmed at the Montreal Fetish Weekend 2007. Since you’ve been traveling at so many fetish events, how would you describe the MTL event and your experience being part of it?

JEAN BARDOT: This event is a huge weekend of parties and no sleep!! It seems once I land I go go go. It is so much fun. I have made so many friends in Montreal. I love the city. I love to be there.

BBAA: We hear between the branches that the film “Bianca Beauchamp All Access 2” might be Premiered near the Montreal Fetish Weekend 2008. Do you know when the film will be Premiered and will your fans be able to see you there?

JEAN BARDOT: No I am not sure of the logistics of this but I would love to be there. I will be there. With extra everything!!!!

BBAA: Thank you Jean for this superb interview! We wish you the best with your career!

JEAN BARDOT: Thank you very much

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