Apr 27, 2009

INT: Gina King dresses up Bianca in latex

Latex fetish star Bianca Beauchamp just came back from Germany’s Fetish Evolution where she wore three original latex designs by pin-up artist extraordinaire, Miss Gina King.

We are proud to present to you this exclusive 5 question interview with Gina King who explains to us where the ideas for the buckle outfit designs and the star trek latex uniform came from, and how it is for her to work with the Latex Fetish Queen and her long time partner Polymorphe Latex Fashion.

Check out the interview below!

Pin-up & Fantasy Artist
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    “I have an endless amount of latex fashion ideas that are ready to come to life.”

BBAA: Hi Gina! Bianca’s recent appearance at Fetish Evolution features three colorful latex outfits that you personally designed: two buckle themed outfits and one Star Trek outfit. Can you tell our readers how you came to design these outfits for Bianca?

GINA KING: It started with a collaboration with Mario Bouchard to make a latex outfit based on my “Peppermint Trick” painting, as seen in the BBAA 2 film. Seeing my idea brought to life was a feeling I wanted to experience again and again…so i began sketching like crazy, coming up with several mini-collections of looks for latex.

Bianca had expressed an interest in seeing more of my ideas become latex fashions. I shared several of my fashion sketches with Bianca and Mario at Polymorphe. When it was time to select outfits for Fetish evolution, she chose two of my Buckle designs. Also, she was wanting a sexy star trek uniform, based on the costumes worn in the original series. I was asked to come up with a sexed-up version of this with Bianca in mind. I love the collaborative process…coming up with many concepts, narrowing it down to a final choice, and incorporating special requests into the design. The final results of the designs are just…WOW! :)
I can’t wait to dress up Bianca again! :)

BBAA: Will we see a ByGina latex clothing line in the future?

GINA KING: I am going to make sure that happens! When I set a goal…i go after it, so I’m feeling positive about this. It has always been a dream of mine to produce a line of fashions that have been inspired by my artwork. I have an endless amount of latex fashion ideas that are ready to come to life. It has been a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Bianca and with Polymorphe.

BBAA: We posted a few articles about your art in the past, notably your artworks featuring Bianca. What inspires you to paint Bianca?

GINA KING: One thing I love about Bianca is that she can pull off any look…just look at the variety in her photoshoots. She can be the good-girl in lingerie, the glamour girl, the shiny latex vixen, or an evil villain. I enjoy painting a variety of themes, so it is a good match. Another thing that inspires me is her personality…she is very friendly, fun, and down to earth. On top of all that she genuinely appreciates the artwork and the hard work that goes into it. I am blessed to have such an amazing muse! :)

BBAA: Did painting Bianca impact your career so far? If so, in what ways?

GINA KING: The impact has been very positive. I get lots of compliments written in french now too… Bianca’s fans in Quebec seem to really enjoy seeing new artworks of her :) It has exposed my art to more of the international latex and fetish community. And now, I’m being seen for the first time as a designer. Also, Bianca’s confidence in my ideas has been very encouraging.

BBAA: Your paintings are sexually charged with beauty, sexiness and lust. As a female artist, what inspires you to paint female pin-up models?

GINA KING: A large part of it is coming up with the outfits ideas for my models to wear in the paintings. Sometimes my ideas start with a pose, but most of the time they start with an idea for a skimpy outfit as a starting point. I love to dress up the models and accessorize them on a canvas. I have always loved painting the female form…espeically curvy figures. I feel that women can do it all…and look smoking hot while they do it…I try to convey that feeling with my art.

Stay Tuned for more photos of Bianca Beauchamp in the Star Trek Uniform, to be posted in HD format at www.latexlair.com soon.

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