Jun 28, 2008

Synthetic Beauty, Extreme Curves, & Fetish with Gil Perron

Jean Bardot, by Gil PerronBianca Beauchamp All Access interviews Montreal based fetish photographer Gil Perron to get his “insider” feedback on the All Access films, on his professional relationship & friendship with fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp and All Access 2 director/editor Martin Perreault.

We also poll his opinion on the current state of the Fetish Scene and get inside the head of the man who says he’s a fan of “synthetic beauty”!

Gil Perron has been very active the past 5 years in the Montreal fetish scene, in particular on the photography front, shooting big fetish names like Jean Bardot and Ancilla Tilia, and notably with the creation of Project latex Land, a massive photo production Perron hatched in collaboration with Martin Perreault which was premiered at the Montreal Fetish Weekend 2007.

The following very detailed interview is a must-read for everyone wishing to get Behind The Scenes information from Bianca Beauchamp’s immediate entourage, and to discover exquisite fetish photos from an extremely talented photographer!

Fetish Photographer
Websites: GilPerron.com | Pbase.com/Gilp | P&P Image Factory.com | Project Latex Land

BBAA: Hello Gil! Thanks for your time for this Bianca Beauchamp All Access.com interview. How are you doing?
GIL: Great…I’m always great… I’m just a bit grumpy….but I’m always grumpy too.

BBAA: We hear you, Bianca Beauchamp, and All Access director/editor Martin Perreault go way back. Tell us about that.
GIL: Yeah, we go way back, we met in our local fetish bar and I don’t remember exacly how it is we got to speak but the 3 of us really got along right from the start. It’s funny how a chance meeting can change a life.

BBAA: It seems your fetish photos have been circulating online for the past few years. Have you always been doing photography?

GIL: This question is actualy a good extension to your previous. I never planned on “becoming” a fetish photographer. I enjoy the fetish culture and enjoy photography…. but the combination of the two was not a “public” thing. I had been doing private fetish photo sessions with my girlfriend for a while and she really helped me better my skills. At one point with the support of Bianca, Martin and Mario from Polymoprhe I was able to connect with established fetish models…strangely enough, Bianca & Martin encouraged Jean Bardot to come in for a session with me….and that’s what got the ball rolling. I owe pretty much my whole photographic career to these 3 wonderful people….and to Jean for having taken the time to shoot with a total unknown with nothing to show for. The pictures from our first ever photo session are still being used today!

BBAA: Where can people see your photography?
GIL: Right now, I’m very happy to say that more and more of my stuff will be featured on www.latexlair.com, I am quite proud of this achievement, the Lair is one of very few websites which prides itself on high quality visual content. Bianca & Martin have always adhered to the highest standards of editorial value and because of this I held off in submitting content until I felt that my work would meet the expectations. I was also blessed with the opportunity to be published in mags such as Marquis Style, Skin two and Bizarre… again, thanks to my trio of angels! // note from editor: visit Gil’s websites at the top of this interview to view an extensive photo gallery of his work.

BBAA: What do you like about photography, and fetish photography in particular?

GIL: I love to capture beauty and most of all I love synthetic beauty… I find myself trying to create with real life models what we now see commonly in Anime and action cartoons… and that’s why I have a tendency to shoot women with extreme curves or that can really become living dolls. Models with extreme curves and Latex are meant to be combined, together they become surreal audities, they become living art…and that is what I love to shoot.

    “I love to capture beauty and most of all I love synthetic beauty… Models with extreme curves and Latex are meant to be combined.”

BBAA: In the upcoming film All Access 2, we get to spend some time with you, most notably at the Project Latex Land, a photo exhibition that takes place during the Montreal Fetish Weekend. What is Project Latex Land?

GIL: This has to be the most unanswerable question of them all! Obviously the answer starts with a quick visit to www.projectlatexland.com …. REAL LATEX LOVERS IN REAL ENVIRONMENTS…. PLL is just one of those things Martin and I came up with, did, and that a year later I ask myself “how the hell did we pull this off”… 50 models, 30 crew, 8 locations, buses, catering…..and latex lots and lots of latex….. People came from all over, Europe, the US, western canada…. all paid their own expenses and for what? to shoot 8 scenes over one weeked and get boxed lunches…. I love them all for having been part of our temporary insanity.

BBAA: What is your involvement in Project Latex Land?

GIL: Martin & I hatched this idea while having one of our regular “creative” lunch meetings we are co-creators and photographers.

BBAA: How was the photo project received by the public at the exhibition and online?

GIL: The exhibition was such a great experience, with the support of our main sponsor Polymorphe, we were able to rent a magnificent event space where our works, which are quite large, could be shown in all their glory. I think the exhibition was also a very interesting departure from the classic “fetish” events because it really brought many different “cultures” together… there was a spectacular mix of Corporate, Media, Friend&Family alongside Fully dressed rubberist, transgenders, cross dressers, latex fashionistas….and that is what touched me most about that event, it was not about anything else than sharing the moment. I think that all fetish festivals should have such an event where people can intermingle and discover each other’s nature.

BBAA: You have photographed a few fetish icons, most notably Bianca Beauchamp, Jean Bardot, Ancilla Tilia… What is it like to shoot with models like them?

GIL: Shooting with professional and competent models is always a lot of fun but working with models in that range is a whole other story!. Bianca, Jean, Ancilla and a few others bring a level of experience and self awareness to the set which changes the dynamics completely. They are so self aware that model direction becomes almost non-verbal… if I say “left elbow up” they immediately respond and adjust…. they’re just that good. The other very big difference is that these “fetish supermodels” have gigantic fan bases and a huge following…..so it does put an added pressure to produce visual content which will be in tune with their own styles… I wouldn’t dress Bianca in a chicken outfit just because I was artistically inclined to do so. Working with these stars is a lot like shooting advertisements….we have to be extremely image conscious.

    “Working with stars like Bianca Beauchamp, Jean Bardot, Ancilla Tilia, is a lot like shooting advertisements….we have to be extremely image conscious.”
BBAA: Do you think we will continue to see latex models pop up online and in specialized magazines and become “top fetish models”?

GIL: Yes models will pop up, that’s normal, the fetish culture as evolved into a huge “industry”, magazines, websites, parties etc. etc… it’s normal that more people will look at this from a purely business interest… which is sad for the true fetishists who won’t be able know who’s for real and who’s just posing, and because of this, I think that the age of the “icon” is coming to an end. Much like the “supermodel” era of the 80’s ended. right now, we all know who the “true” fetish models are, most if not all of the best known fetish models are in it out of very personal interests….the are “into” it… but most of the next generation of fetish models is not, they are models doing fetish…. not fetish models.

    “Most of the next generation of fetish models are not into latex, they are models doing fetish…. not fetish models.”


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