Mar 23, 2010

Interview: Bianca takes the bull by the horns

Toro E-Zine goes one-on-one with Bianca Beauchamp in a 20 question interview.

A new interview with Bianca surfaced online very recently with Toro, the pop e-zine for men.  The questions are fun to read and Bianca’s answers even more.  Have you ever wondered if latex wear is hot, and if it ever felt challenging to wear for Bianca?  Curious to know what was it like growing up in Montreal in terms of influences on Bianca’s senses of sexuality and erotic modelling?  How about if Bianca thinks there are differences in how latex fetishism involves women and men?

Bianca’s answers to those questions, plus a nice 10 photo gallery is awaiting you at Toro’s Interview with Bianca!

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