Dec 20, 2008

Germans Love Bianca & Her Latex Friends

Bianca Beauchamp All Access 2 film projection at German Fetish Film FestivalGermans dig Bianca Beauchamp and her latex friends at the first annual German Fetish Film Festival.

The film “Bianca Beauchamp All Access 2: Rubberized” mesmerized the German audience at the first annual German Fetish Film Festival last weekend.  The room was full and packed with curious enthusiasts who were wowed with the colorful look and fast paced tempo of the film.  An online critique was very favorable to the whole experience, calling the film “Great and Fantastic!“.  We present to you below the english version of the original german article.

The film BBAA2 can be purchased on Bianca’s Official Online Store.

(thank you Belgium Marc for the translation!)

Bianca Beauchamp – All Access 2 – Rubberized
Review from German Fetish Film Festival Showing

Friday, 28/11/2008

To close off a varied and at times even moving evening, we arrived at the multi-colored Latex movie “Bianca Beauchamp – All Access 2 – Rubberized”, about latex queen Bianca Beauchamp and her friends Jean Bardot, RubberDoll, hairstylist “The Richard” and finally “mastermind” Martin Perreault.  The lively bunch, under leadership of Bianca, was followed by multiple cameras for three days during the “Montreal Fetish Weekend 2007”, going from event to event.  At the start of the movie you are overwhelmed with the energy and passion of this vibrant Kinky Latexcrew.

“Are you ready to have fun with us tonight?!” – Bianca

In typical MTV style you are shown just how much fun Latex as a fetish can be and how “gorgeous” it is to be a fetish model. The speed and cutting techniques used remind strongly of that of a music video, everything is “great and fantastic”. From the dressing up scene at their residence, sporting a wonderful latex and high heels, visiting a TV interview to the showing of Project LatexLand exhibition, it’s all “super”. In between every event, always a new style or a new latex dress. Even when a precious latex outfit rips, there’s only giggles and an assistant who eagerly jumps in to save the situation. Then, the shiny Latex gang is off in a stretch limo to the first red-carpet event with an Oscar worthy reception, including a fall of the main star over her platform high heels.

[youtube F-mSpx8oqnE]

The next day they visit Polymorphe, a latex designer and manufacturer in Montreal with a vast pattern archive, an even bigger warehouse and his own latex production line. For every Latex fan, this is a dream come true! Without wasting a breath, it continues with the preparations of the fashion show in the backstage area. The scenes fly by in high tempo, interrupted with a few shooters who only stir up the already vibrant atmosphere. On Sunday afternoon we visit a “chill” moment in hot Latex outfits when everyone attends a garden party with Jacuzzi. Accompanied again with plenty of shooters and an endless amount of soapy foam.

Then it’s dress up time again to get ready for the Play party, Bianca going as a pink kitten, Jean Bardot and Rubberdoll with mega boobs performing a lesbo-latex show.

Then, and even I was a bit exhausted at that point, Bianca says her good-byes, a bit tipsy but still using all superlatives, and tells us this sentence: “The players are the stars of this night, the players are hardcore humans!(?)”.

Bianca Beauchamp has become a big – yet very sympathetic – brand in the Latex scene, and this is elaborately celebrated in this video by Bianca and her life partner. Of course the wonderful latex outfits worn by the main characters as well as the party people also play a leading role in this Fetish Latex movie. The passion for latex and attending fetish parties can be an enormous amount of fun and this is demonstrated with great enthusiasm. As Bianca says: “With fetish you can be a star and you can be with friends.”  All in good fun, and the hangover on Monday will not be mentioned here.

Be gorgeous in your latexdress


EROTIC:  For Latex party, fetishists and MTV fans
METHOD: See and be seen, with Bianca Beauchamp as latex star
TECHNOLOGY: Video production
IMAGERY: Like MTV, fast paced and plenty of camera cuts
DEPTH: Not nearly as deep as Bianca’s cleavage
RARENESS:  Generally available on DVD
QUOTE: ***

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