Apr 7, 2010

Firefighter gets Bianca Tattoo

Fellow Canadian and Bianca devoted fan Faron Mardell gets his latex icon tattooed on his right leg!

Mr. Mardell contacted us with photos about his recent colorful artistic acquisition.   Mardell is one of many fans who indulged in having their sexy icon inked on their body!   Here’s what Mr. Faron had to say about the whole experience, and about the tattoo inked by tattoo artist Mike DeVries:

Q. Hello Mr. Mardell!  Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

A. Absolutely.  My name is Faron Mardell, 30 year career Firefighter in Ft. McMurray, Alberta Canada.  I owned my own photography business for 16 years, musician since the age of 15 playing in various bands locally and played on the road for a short stint before becoming a FF. I’m loving every minute of my career! Best career in the world bar none IMHO. My career is coming to an end soon and my plans are to continue somehow, somewhere within the ink world perhaps working for an Ink Magazine.

Q. What do you like about tattoos?

A. I became a FF in 1981.  Ever since that time I always new I wanted a tattoo. I met a co-worker who instilled in me early on some very important values, which allowed me to wait till 3 years ago when I persued my tattoo journey.  The Great Bob Tyrrell worked on my first piece on my back. We quickly became friends and he introduced me to other great tattooists, and so on.  So now, I only get ink from world class artists/tattooists who I am very proud to call a few of my great friends!

Q. How many tattoos do you have?

A. One  third of my body is now covered in ink!

Q. Wow! Impressive! Why did you get a Bianca tattoo?

A. I have always been a very sexual man, never really knowing where I fit in until I found the fetish world at age 35 when I divorced a very prudish, now ex-wife. This allowed me to explore this world more and find my place. Over the years is where I found the Gorgeous Bianca! Her beautiful eyes is really what caught my full attention. The fact that she is bodacious, beautiful smile, caries herself with flair and profesionalism, represents Canada in a way I think is spectacular.

There are many things about Bianca that make me smile on a daily basis. I have her twitter and love watching when she sends her girly information like going shopping or enjoying my day at the beach or whatever. Just being a typical every day person. Just means that we are all human and have our own likes dislikes and we should not be judged for them.  I could sit here for quite some time chatting about all the qualities that I enjoy and love about what Bianca means to me. Yes there are others out there that do similar things but, lets face it: Bianca has Red Hair (My GF is also RedHead!), Gorgeous Eyes, Perfect Curves and is from CANADA!! Need I say more?

Q. What’s next with your tattoos?

A. On June 12 of this year, Mike DeVries will be adding another piece to my fetish leg. Bianca is still the main theme and subject of my fetish leg.  Meanwhile I have been leaning towards adding the image of RubberDoll who worked with Bianca in a Pony Girl spread for Bizarre magazine.  The inside leg of my Fetish Sleeve is going to be more hardcore in theme, hard rubber, masks, needles or bondage.

Q. How do people react to your tattoo of Bianca?

A. I am very excited about my Fetish Sleeve because of the quality of work that I get done. Its like an actual photo on my leg I get to look at every day when I wake up. That makes me smile! Everyone who sees the work and her face say how BEAUTIFUL SHE IS!!! The compliments are many, and that makes me smile!

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