Apr 28, 2009

Beam Me Up Bianca! -Fet Evol 3/4 REPORT

In our third photo report on Fetish Evolution 2009, see Bianca Beauchamp in her flamboyant red Star Trek TOS uniform accompanied by Martin Perreault as Spock, along with photos of the latex fashion shows!

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APRIL 12th 2009 : BALL

The big event people are usually waiting for at Fetish Evolution is the main Ball.    The evening belongs to exhibitionists and voyeurs.  This is the night where people wear their most extravagant outfits.  Designers from all over the world (most often European though) parade their new creations in extravagant fashion shows, and guests do the same with their new acquisitions.

In the past, the Fetish Evolution Ball was traditionally held at Mudiaart, a superb closed factory revamped into receiving large scale events.  This location has always been much appreciated for its atmospheric mood which always fit very well with fetish events. But FE decided to listen to the attendees this year and move the Ball on Sunday instead of the regular Monday, which was problematic for people working on Tuesday morning.  Mudiiart being only available on Monday, the Ball was moved to a new location this year, at Essence Club.

Essence is an old movie theater renovated into a modern night club.  The main room where the fashion show took place had multiple stages on different levels where people could sit and look the fashion from.  This was the perfect voyeur room because wherever you’d be, you could see others walking around and the fashion shows were always perfectly in sight.

The fashion shows were divided in three parts of 20 minutes each, with a 20 minute break in between.  Many models walked the runway that night (certainly over 100, notably Bianca Beauchamp with All Access co-star Jean Bardot, with many more such as Miss Suzn, Ancilla Tilia, Anastasia Pierce, etc.) for half a dozen designers such as Ego Assassin, HMS Designs, Bridget Moore, and DeMask to name those few.  Latex fetish ion Bianca Beauchamp was back in action on stage that night with a superb ruby red Star Trek TOS latex outfit, along with MC for the weekend illusionist & entertainer Paul Nathan.  The duo did a superb job to at pumping out the crowd.

The second room of the venue had more the feel of a chill-out room, where people could talk and play and dance to excellent music.  This is where Bianca & her partner Martin Perreault, along with Bianca’s makeup artist & stylist Catherine Lavoie could be seen posing in their Star Trek trio concept, notably Perreault as latex Spock and Lavoie as a vulcan.

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