May 9, 2012

Fan Wears Bianca’s Heart on Hist Sleeve… Literally!

Finland Bianca fan, dubbed “The Human Flag” by his gym peers, proudly sent us photos of his second Bianca Beauchamp tattoo – this time a superb nude on his right forearm.

We all remember Simo, the Finland Bianca fan who had her tattoo inked last year on his back. He sent us photos of his newly added artwork on his forearm, this time a nude of Bianca laying on her back.  When asked how he selected this specific photo for his second Bianca tattoo, Simo had this to say:

I’m really pleased how the nude tattoo turned out to be. When my hand is down, Bianca looks like a ballet dancer. That picture is simply the best glamour picture ever! Her pose and bedroom eyes just had me feeling like I’m melting!

Sure, we do get that reaction a lot too when looking at her photos… ;)  But that’s a nude on his forearm!  How do people react when they see the very obvious tattoo?

Peoples reactions are just about what i expected. ‘Latex Bianca’ (ed.note: the tattoo on Simo’s back) is getting all the laughs and ‘Nude Bianca’  is often said to be beautiful and tasty.  My funniest tattoo comment came at the gym where i am training when I first showed my ‘Latex Bianca’ tattoo on my back: “Now even a straight man can fuck you from behind!” LOL. I thought this was funny.

Funny indeed! And certainly a huge act of dedication as a Bianca fan to have two tattoos of the Latex Diva on his body!


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