Jan 21, 2008

Excellent DVD review by BC Magazine

Bianca Beauchamp ALL ACCESS I UnratedJust found this stunning review of ALL ACCESS, by Amanda Bittle from BC Magazine:

“The design concept of the video is novel and fun. It’s inspired by silent films, featuring clinky piano music and scene introductions set in old-fashioned fonts. The film was shot by Perreault, who has worked with Bianca for more than a decade. The closeness between the cameraman and his subjects makes for a much more natural experience for the viewer, which is nice.

What’s really appealing about this video is Bianca’s joie de vivre. Powering through an intense three-day jaunt with a camera on her heels, she goes through a few stressful times, but gets through them with a sense of humor and without taking herself too seriously. She is open and honest about her fears (no one showing up to her book launch, wiping out in her teetering heels in front of her fans).”

The review goes on and ends with the following:

“If you’re into the latex scene, you will love this video for its insider’s peek at one of the hottest lives in fetish modeling. If you’re just an open-minded soul who’s not offended by expressive sexuality, give it a shot. You’ll appreciate the documentary’s unpretentious style and Bianca’s genuine charm and love of life.”

You can read the full review here: BC Magazine.

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