Jan 21, 2008

DVD Review from Popsyndicate.com

DVD REVIEWS START TO POP-UP ONLINE. I googled my way through a review from Stephen Halley at popsyndicate.com, in which he says:

“Directed and edited by Martin Perreallt, All Access doesn’t explore Bianca’s life or why she does what she does. You get the feeling that Perreault is too close to the subject to give us an objective peek into her life. Instead we just tag along as the camera picks up the highlights of her life. The movie opens with Bianca getting ready for the Fetish Ball at the Cleopatra Club. She’s a little nervous at first but after the first few rounds of shots, she loosens up and we start to see more of Bianca both physically and emotionally. It’s in these opening moments that we learn the most her. “

I can understand why Mr.Halley would question the film’s POV, wondering why there is no more insight on the reasons why Bianca is into Latex Fetish, or why she is working as a fetish model. Originaly, ALL ACCESS was shot for Bianca’s fans, and with that idea in mind, I directed and edited the film as if the viewer already knew of Bianca. Later on, Fantasia Film Festival showed a lot of interest in the film and offered to feature it in its own Time Slot as a full feature on a Saturday night! There was no way this offer could be refused. But then it hit me: the public would contain people who do not necessarily know of Bianca Beauchamp, but are interested in seeing the film. This is when I went back to the editing table and added the “Interviews Introduction Scene” where we get to learn more about Bianca’s past and present work. Additional photo inserts were added in the film to give a sense of “Fetish Outside The Context Of This Film”, to give more insight on the world of the Latex Fetish Scene and Bianca’s participation. When the film was done, I knew some people would complain about the lack of “deep” information on Bianca Beauchamp and her work. This is a risk I was willing to take, and so far the majority of people I was in touch with digged the film like it is. Mr. Halley concludes his review by saying:

Bianca Beauchamp: All Access does allow you to hang out with her for a few hours but never really give you access to the inner thoughts of Bianca. The few moments where she lets her guard down are quickly shut down by Bianca as she’s always aware of the camera being present. As an introduction to the fetish clubs around Montreal, All Access does give us an insiders view and maybe that’s all the film really set out to do.

Personally, I don’t see a problem with Bianca being aware of the camera. The camera did not set to be invisible to the cast. In fact, the camera is a meant to be a character in itself, or if you wish the viewer’s avatar in the film. I can hardly imagine the film without this. Mr. Halley’s conclusion implies that he felt let down by the film’s content which was percieved as being meaningless. I can respect this point of view, and can only hope ALL ACCESS 2 will be more to your liking Mr. Halley! It does contain more stuff… more latex glam in particular. But in regards to deep analysis of Bianca’s career and environment/friends, I still think All Access is not about that and it’s all about a bunch of marginal people having fun at fetish events. And Bianca Beauchamp is the vehicle that allows us to go shoot at those events which no cameras have ever been allowed in the past. And this is what the film set out to do.

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