Feb 27, 2008

Drawing the line : Bianca makes another cover!

Art Scene COVER of Bianca, artwork by Michael Calandra Bianca Beauchamp appears yet on another magazine cover. Bianca has appeared on over 30 covers and was featured in well over 100 publications to date, but it is the first time she is being featured as an artwork! Illustrated by Master of the Fantastic Art Michael Calandra, Bianca appears on the cover of ART SCENE INTERNATIONAL as a lucious barbarian blondie holding her weapon of choice, a narrow and feminine sword. We were informed that the feature on artist Michal Calandra (who created a dozen fantastic artworks inspired by Bianca to date) show more artworks of Bianca inside the magazine. You can get a copy at Borders, Barnes and Noble, or Books-a-Million, and possibly at additional selected book stores and kiosks.


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