Sep 3, 2008

DJ Bianca Spins The 90’s Sep.4th.

Bianca at PinokkioBianca Beauchamp will spin some records 90’s style September 4th at Club Pinokkio in Montreal.

Parts of the entrance fee will go to the SPCA (Société Protectrice Canadienne des Animaux : Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals), a charity group Bianca chose for the occasion.   Bianca Beauchamp is known for her love of animals, where she mentioned in previous interviews owning ferrets, cats and a dog.  One of her TV interview features her with one of her ferrets, and a photo of Bianca was also spotted in Skin Two magazine a few years ago with a ferret on her shoulder.  Worth mentioning is the Charity Event Bianca hosted on her website in 2006 where she was able to collect $1200 in donations from her fans to save 16 rescued ferrets by the Emmett Ferret Shelter.

Diablo Nights at Club Pinokkio feature a celebrity guest every Thursday to come in and spin the turn tables, and rock the place with 90s music tracks selected by the invited guest.  Bianca promises to revisit that era in style, and she’ll be wearing latex for the occasion.  She invites people to come and say hello!

Pinokkio Club
On Google Maps: 1320 Maisonneuve Ouest, Montreal, QC. Canada

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