Oct 8, 2008

COVER: Bianca Entices the Gay Village

Bianca Beauchamp magazine cover ÊtreBianca Beauchamp features her latex assets on the cover of Montreal’s gay magazine Être (transl.: To be).

We might have missed this news last month, but here it is in all its splendor: Bianca was featured on the cover of Être, a popular gay magazine in Montreal and the whereabouts, the same week of the premiere of Bianca Beauchamp All Access 2: Rubberized.  The cover shows Bianca in her BBAA2 pink and black corset/dress latex outfit, alongside two men also in latex from Polymorphe.  The title says “Mode Fetish”, or Fetish Fashion if you will.

During that week, many local publications featuring Bianca appeared in Montreal.  We previously reported on Bianca’s Summum cover (Bianca, Sexiest French Canadian On the Planet), but there were many more we didn’t report on.  Here’s a glimpse on some of them, pictured below.

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