Jul 20, 2010

COVER: Bianca is Australia’s PEOPLE’s choice!

Bianca’s 65th cover comes in the shade of blue bikini on People magazine, Australia!

Issue #30 of People is out this week across the land of Oz, spreading the joy of Bianca Beauchamp sporting a tiny blue bikini on its cover.  And that’s pretty much all she wears.

The contrasty and dramatic photo spread was shot in Jamaica at sunset at Superclub Hedonism II, where the red head flaunts her delicious 32FF attributes.  A text accompanies the photos, relating some of Bianca’s highlights in her career.  An insert Bianca quote goes like this: “Having sex inside a two-meter balloon is the wildest thing I’ve done“.  You could think the magazine invented that quote for dramatization.  But it’s a true quote.  Bianca’s been relating that story in a few interviews over the years, when talking about a photoshoot she had done involving a two-meter balloon.  The sex, as she explained it, happened after the shoot.

Bianca is an Australian favorite lately!  She’s appeared three times on the cover of People, twice on The Picture, twice on Penthouse Australia and a few more times in the magazine.  See our magazine entries for complete details.

Get your copy of the issue on stands across Australia from July 19th-26th, 2010.

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