Feb 9, 2008


Bianca Beauchamp latex photoshootToday, I’m posting a new clip from ALL ACCESS 2. Actually, this is more raw footage shot on Friday night in which we see Bianca Beauchamp arriving at the venue dressed up in a latex Super Girl. Cameras are there to shoot her (video and photos) and we see a few peeps in the background (hello to our dear friends Kinky Sara and Jean!). This shot is taken directly from one of our cameramen Isabelle Grondin’s video camera. It is too soon to know exactly how much of this clip will be in the final cut of ALL ACCESS 2. Never the less, I think this is cool eye candy for everyone while we are all waiting for more meat on the editing of ALL ACCESS 2.

I leave you with a photo (see insert, left) from a recent photoshoot done with Bianca Beauchamp. We all love catsuits! Until next time, stay kinky!

[youtube sQwmt-8baTM]

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