Jan 30, 2014

Outrageous! Bikini Photo Censored by Facebook. Is FB Prejudiced Against Models With Big Boobs?


Outrageous! This Bikini Photo was Censored by Facebook. Is FB Prejudiced Against Models With Big Boobs? This photo of latex & glamour model Bianca Beauchamp was censored this week by Facebook on Bianca Beauchamp’s Official Fan Page.   


Our thoughts exactly!

Wait, just to be clear, here’s the original photo:


Has Facebook’s judgement gone completely haywire?

Now the question that begs an answer is, is Facebook prejudice against models with big boobs and big butts?  You may think this is a ridiculous question, but really, would a photo of a more conventional woman wearing the same bikini on an inflatable mattress in a pool be censored by Facebook?

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bianca-beauchamp_235-590x412 bianca-beauchamp-stop-sopa-pipa1 censored-590x330

So we hear you asking: so what? Let’s move on and simply post a new photo.  Yes, BUT, one thing most people don’t know about Facebook is that they actually give the user account a STRIKE every time a photo is removed/censored.  Each Strike adds up, and penalties are being given to the user. At first, 24 hours of blocked access to FB.  Then three days, a week, two weeks, and one complete month of blocked access!  Oh wait! It’s worse: the strikes are never removed from the user account. Which means, once you’re stuck at 1 month pf penalty blocked access, the next time will also be one month no matter how long the user has shown a good standing with FB’s terms and regulations.

So, when a photo like the one above is censored for no apparent reason other than total prejudice against the model/person, paranoïa sets in.  Will this or that photo be censored? Does it show too much?  Is it too suggestive? At what point does one photo become a real possible annoyance to the FB community to warrant censorship?

Really, this is going WAYYY too far.


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