Sep 26, 2009

Bianca challenges you on Twitter!

Looks like Bianca challenges her fans to recruit 10,000 Twitter followers!

Bianca Beauchamp’s Twitter Feed recieved a facelift earlier this week, with a new background image (left), and a special note addressed to her readers:

Are you a real @biancabeauchamp Twitter Soldier? How FAST can all of you recruit 10,000 Bianca Followers? Do the math. The challenge is ON!

Bianca’s taunt addressed to her 1600 followers  basically puts the power in the hands of her fans to see if her Twitter experiment will flourish .  Additional text can be read on the background image, with a hint on a surprise:

RECRUIT more Bianca Twitter Soldiers Today! How fast can ALL OF YOU  recruit 10,000 Bianca Twitter followers? The POWER is in Your Hands! And the challenge is ON!  Can you pull it off? BIG Surprise from Bianca to her Twitter Soldiers upon task completion!

Looks like Bianca’s Twitter Soldiers are listening and her Twitter Army is enlisting new recruits!  The days following Bianca’s message, new twitter subscriptions jumped 200% daily on her channel, and continues to climb.

So, are you a Bianca Twitter Soldier, and will you participate in Bianca’s Twitter experiment?

Consider yourself officially challenged!

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