Apr 30, 2009

Bianca is Silk Spectre – Fet Evol 4/4 REPORT

Click above to view Bianca as Silk Spectre in HD (available May 1st).

Fetish Evolution 2009 ended with an atmospheric Play Party where Bianca attended as Silk Spectre from Watchmen

APRIL 13th 2009 :

Who better than curvaceous Bianca Beauchamp to wear the latex Silk Spectre uniform?  And that’s what she did for the last night of Fetish Evolution at Mudiaart where the Play Party was held.  Bianca arrived in a splendid rendition of the Silk Spectre costume inspired from the movie.  Bianca’s version was a full catsuit instead of the leotard + stockings combination we see in the film.   This superb costume fit perfectly with the industrial and colorful mood of the Mudiaart location where the Play party was held.

The main room was lit with candles displayed everywhere on the large vertical windows.  In the center of the room, a small stage where model Eden Wells was tied-up for a while during a luscious  traditional bondage performance that set the tone for the rest of the night.  People continued to play throughout the rest of the evening in the main room and in the multiple mini lounge rooms in the basement.

Also present at the event having fun and mingling with the crowd were a few models & performers, such as fetish legend Jean Bardot, Kumi, Anastasia Pierce, Kendra James, Miss Suzn, and happy go-lucky Kip.

Feast your eyes on the photo gallery below.  To see more photos of Bianca Beauchamp as Silk Spectre, head over to her website www.latexlair.com where she is featuring this May a complete sexy photoshoot with that outfit!

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