Jun 7, 2008

Bianca rocks King’s guitar

FrankenRubber by Gina KingTalented pin-up artist and friend Gina King just sent these great photos of an artwork of Bianca Beauchamp airbrushed on an electric guitar. The custom painted “FrankenRubber” Guitar is a reproduction from an original artwork creation of the same name from artist Gina King of Bianca Beauchamp turned into a rubber female Frankenstein (see insert left). The artwork was inspired by a photo of Bianca Beauchamp in heavy rubber catsuit and hood wearing a military cap, originally shot by Marquis Magazine Editor & Photographer Peter W. Czernich. The guitar sports an acrylic version created during Spring 2008. It is annnounced on Gina King’s website that the original guitar is not available for sale, however, a similar piece can be commissioned. You’ll also be able to see Gina King appear in the film Bianca Beauchamp All Access 2. While we wait for its release, feast your eyes on the following photo gallery of the guitar in question, alongside a few of Gina’s original artworks. Contact Gina King to leave her your feedback on this amazing piece, and to view her extensive artwork gallery inspired by Bianca Beauchamp and today’s most adored pin-up models!

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