Dec 27, 2008

MAG: Bianca is Naughty

Zoo magazineZOO Magazine Christmas’ Issue features Bianca Beauchamp in their Top 100 Naughtiest Pics Of The Year.

London’s men’s magazine ZOO Christmas Special 2008 is titled “Rude Christmas: the 100 naughtiest pics of the year“.  The magazine’s Double Issue #251 (cover insert left) on shelves during the Holidays features tons of sexy photos, notably Bianca Beauchamp making a return after her splashing appearance last May in the magazine’s Sexiest Women’s listing Zoo magazine Bianca Beauchamp naughtiest The picture in this issue is the same as the one published in their Sexiest Women list: Bianca in a white t-shirt – actually, make it a wet t-shirt – all sexy fixing her hair in the Cuban sea at the beach (insert right).

Other notable celebrities who made the Naughtiest list alongside Bianca Beauchamp this year?  Try Angelina Jolie’s butt shot from the movie Wanted (same insert, right), Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, Nip/Tuck actress Anna Lynne McCord, American Pie sweetheart and party animal Tara Reid, Pamela Anderson’s nude appearance at Heff’s b-day, Pop Diva Britney Spears (need we say more?), Dita Von Teese from her wonder Bra ad, Avril Lavigne in a pool, and Jessica Simpson flaunting her two round assets – just to name those few.  Now, if only they’d all join Bianca in a latex photo shoot…

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