Dec 21, 2010

If There is One Time you Should Buy a Fetish Magazine, it’s TODAY!

Two-time cover model Bianca Beauchamp appears in Pioneer latex fetish & fashion magazine Marquis issue 50, featuring on its cover the burlesque diva Dita VonTeese.

Dita certainly needs very little introduction, and the burlesque diva is no stranger to Marquis Magazine.  Owner & photographer Peter W. Czernich has photographed Dita in latex and fetish gear more times than you and I can count on our two hands – and that all started way before Miss VonTeese became the famous “Martini Glass” performer, or even before her very publicized marriage – and divorce – from controversial singer Marilyn Manson.  With such a long fetish photography history with Mr. Czernich, it would only make sense Miss Vonteese grace the cover of Marquis’ Collector Edition issue 50.

Considering the glowingly difficult market for magazines, especially niche magazines such as latex fetish & fashion, the strong continuous success Marquis was able to maintain over the years  is a testament of the very high level of quality from the Marquis Studios.  The glossy and colorful pages of Marquis only shows how deep industry’s pioneer Peter W. Czernich  personally cultivates the beauty of latex fetish.  One would think that in order to build a strong empire such as Marquis, the owner must have relied on a huge team and the man must have had a very clear vision from the start of what he was aiming to accomplish.  In truth, the team is really not that big, and if we are to judge from Czernich’s photographic and artistic direction over the years with his publications, one has to come to the utterly clear conclusion that this man, simply put, has followed his heart and not a divine plan.   People  cannot fake the amount of dedication needed to create all these shiny inspirational images,  and at the same time surmount all the challenges that come with handling a business.  A clear vision from that start?  Maybe… A long life passion within?  Absolutely.

Peter W. Czernich is writing an important part of fetish history, and no matter what the future reserves to the Marquis Studios, one thing is set in stone: they have already left a precious heritage to all future generations to come.

Support latex fetish & fashion publications. Get your copy of Marquis issue 50 today.  Two times cover model Bianca Beauchamp makes an apparition in this issue, alongside all previous cover models. And of course, the magazine is FULL of colorful latex photography (over 120 pages!).

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