Jan 18, 2013

Ask Bianca your Kinkiest Questions for BizarreMag ISSUE 200

Bianca Beauchamp will be the COVER GIRL for the upcoming BIZARRE MAGAZINE ISSUE 200 ANNIVERSARY, and writer/journalist Stephen Daultrey is asking the fetish and alt community online to come up with their wildest, kinkiest, most “out there” questions the fans can come up with to ask Bianca.

Bianca’s answers will appear in issue 200 of the UK popular Alt-Magazine.

Here’s Mr. Daultrey’s original post online:

“Hi guys, I’m interviewing Bianca Beauchamp for the 200th issue of Bizarre. I’ve decided to throw the questions out to the fetish community. If you want to ask her anything kinky, weird, funny, fetish-based, or completely random, please fire away. All suggestions welcome! :)”

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