May 25, 2010

Bianca by Gina King, Queen of Pin-up Art

Meet pin-up artist Gina King, responsible for the creation of a dozen Bianca Beauchamp paintings, plus four custom made latex outfits creations  for the latex icon!

Gina King is a prolific pinup painter.  She’s known for her extremely sexy erotica art of bombshell ladies in various styles and settings. Her art was published in many publications & covers (Hustler, Art Scene, Nuvo), and if that wasn’t enough, the lady herself posed for the camera a few times as well – in latex mind you – such as the cover of Metromix!  Recently, Miss Gina King created the design of the extremely popular latex Canadiens Hockey jersey Bianca modeled earlier this week, responsible for doubling our traffic overnight!

Read this excellent interview with one of today’s best erotica painter, Miss Gina King:

– Gina, you’ve created a dozen artworks inspired from Bianca.  What keeps you coming back to her for inspiration?

First, it would be Bianca’s look. She has a beautiful face and a curvy, yet fit figure that works well with my ideas & designs. Next would be her versatility. I have painted Bianca as a good girl, bad girl, rubber girl…she can pull off every possible theme! What really makes her extra special to work with is her amazing personality. I’ve had time to hang out with her on trips to Montreal, and she is a genuinely nice person…that’s what puts her over the top, she is much more than just a pretty face. Also, she is very appreciative of the art that is created of her.

– Bianca wore at Fetish Evolution last year latex dresses you designed specifically for her, and new photoshoots appear on her latex website with the same dresses (see “Fishnet Dreams” insert).  How does it feel seeing your creations, from paper to real life, being modeled?

Seeing my ideas come to life is a dream come true. Seeing them in shiny latex is even better! I feel that it is taking my creativity to a new level. When I’m planning a painting, now I find myself thinking about the outfit the subject will be wearing & how it could be made into a real-life outfit.

– It’s hockey fever at the moment, and we recently published photos of Bianca in a sexy Canadiens latex outfit that you designed for her (Ed. Note: see photos here and here)!   Was it different for you to design this outfit compared to the previous ones you did for Bianca, and what was the challenge for you (if any)?

Since I’ve designed outfits for Bianca before, I have a pretty good idea of what she likes and dislikes. I loved the idea of a sports themed outfit in latex. The challenge was combining Bianca’s taste with the design elements of the Habs uniform. From there i had to take into consideration how the outfit would look/fit in latex, and consider what could be made in a short time frame.

– Is designing latex clothes your new thing?  Any plans on creating more designs in the future? A Gina King line maybe?

It is definitely something I would like to do more of. I have tons of unique latex inspired fashion sketches that I think the world needs to see! Having my own line of fetish fashion and costumes is one of my goals.

– You specialize in sexy pinup art.  Since internet’s creation a mere 15 years ago, access to sexy images, photos, and sexy artwork has been literally exploding in numbers,  yet it seems people just don’t get tired of sexy visuals.  Why do you think is that?  And do you think people will ever loose interest in sexy illustrations?

People have been obsessed with sexy women for ages…I’m sure they’ve been obsessed with sexy images since the time of cave drawings. I can’t see people growing tired of them. I’m sure we are all a little desensitized to some of the more vanilla images now, but that’s good….it makes people explore new things, and makes artists & photographers push the boundaries of sexiness. It takes so much more to stand out amongst the other creative people these days. I don’t think people will ever lose interest in pinup & fetish art, as long as original ideas keep coming out.

– You seem to have been pretty busy in the media in the past two years. Tell us your highlights.

Over the past couple of years, expanding into the fashion design projects has been one of my favorite highlights. I’ve designed three outfits for Bianca with Polymorphe, and my own Peppermint outfit. Right now, the “Gina Dress” is available for purchase through Polymorphe. I’ve also started some freelance design work creating sexy halloween costumes.

My more explicit paintings & illustrations have appeared several times in Hustler magazine as the “Pinup of the Month”. I had the opportunity to attend Hustler’s 35th anniversary party. I made the cover of and Indianapolis arts & entertainment magazine wearing one of my latex designs. I’m a featured artist on the Heavy Metal magazine website. Several art shows and unique commisions…and while doing all of this, I somehow managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA for a year straight. It’s been a great couple of years!

– From pinup artist to pinup model: looks like you are enjoying being in front of the camera too!  How would you describe Gina the model VS Gina the pinup artist in terms of how you experience both sides?

Haha…when I hear Gina the Model it makes me chuckle. I never really thought of myself as a model, but I guess I always pose for my own work when it is neccessary. If I need to change the pose or lighting of a reference photo I’m working from, I just have someone take a photo of me. I’ve also used myself as a pose model for creating fictional pinup girls. Recently I did a photo shoot for the cover of Metromix (insert photo credit: Michelle Pemberton, Metromix). I LOVED it! Being in front of the camera while wearing my own latex design was an amazing feeling. It gave me a new appreciation for the hard work that my models do too. I wouldn’t hesitate to be in front of the camera again…especially in latex! :)

As for Gina the Artist, she wears a t-shirt & paint stained pants or sweaty gym clothes while drinking lots of coffee and painting all day long. I love the balance of the two extremes…getting to be very girly and dressed up & then being very casual.

– Any word you’d like to say to aspiring illustrators/painters out there who wish to follow in your footsteps (sexy art)?

Learn as much as you can about the business side of art. Creating the art is about 20% of the actual work, the other 80% is about promoting, making contacts, and getting your name out there. Be professional…put together a website, get business card, learn how to write business letters and proposals. With the creative aspect, always try to push your creativity to the next level by trying new drawing and painting techniques.

– What are your future plans? Any book coming up our way?

Continuing to see where the fashion design takes me. I’m currently looking into self-publishing a book of my sketches, and working hopefully a book of my painting will be in the near future too.

-Thank you Gina for your time!   Pleople, head over to to learn more about her, and view her superb talent in action with all her wonderful sexy paintings!

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