Feb 8, 2009

Bianca @ Fetish Evolution 2009

Come meet Bianca Beauchamp at the grandiose Fetish Evolution 2009 in Essen, Germany, April 10th-13th!

Bianca Beauchamp is guest of honor at the huge annual Fetish Evolution event and will co-host part of the event with returning regular host Paul Nathan, entertainer extraordinaire.  Fetish Evolution is one of the biggest three-day fetish event in the world!  It features party nights, performances, fashion shows, etc.  A Fetish Expo is also available at the hotel of choice for the event, where many of the best fetish designers will be present to offer their products to the event’s clientele.

Fetish Evolution 2009
Essen, Germany
April 10th-13th

More info: www.fetishevolution.com

Bianca at Fetish Evolution 2008:  leaopard latex catsuit
Bianca’s photos at Fetish Evolution 2008: Fetish Evolution 2008 Photo Report.

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