Feb 22, 2010

Bianca Fans Petition on Facebook

Bianca fans are petitioning on Facebook for the return of the Fetish Icon’s Column in Bizarre magazine.

The following Facebook Page was brought up to our attention recently (edit: and MySpace page too it appears!).  By the look of it, Bianca Beauchamp’s fans are petitioning to bring back the Latex Icon’s monthly column in the alt-culture magazine. The page entitled “Bizarre, Please Bring Back Bianca Beauchamp’s Column!” was created by a fan named Rachelle Hurst, and contains the following text message:

If you loved Bianca Beauchamp’s column that was in Bizarre. Please join the group to show your appreciation for it.
Hopefully with enough support, Bizarre may bring it back…. Or at least give us some more Bianca features !!!

It looks like the pop fetish model who appeared on Bizarre’s cover 9 times is requested by her restless fans once again.   Would you fancy the return of Bianca’s column in Bizarre?

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