Apr 14, 2009

Bianca dazzles Germany at Fetish Evolution 2009!

Our beloved latex fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp rubberized Germany at the recent Fetish Evolution Weekend in Essen where she lushly dazzled the attendance with her colorful latex outfits and sexy voice!

Bianca Beauchamp co-MC’ed the Fetish Evolution event with its 5th time returning host, entertainer & illusionist Paul Nathan.  The 4 night event had Bianca appear on stage throughout the weekend in fabulous eye candy latex designs.   She notably surprised the crowd at the main Ball event with a superb latex version of a red Star Trek uniform inspired by the Original Series of the 60’s.   The same night Beauchamp was cheered by the crowd when she walked the runway for pioneer latex designer DeMask who had her wear a combination of silver latex catsuit with a traditional kimono (not latex).   At one of the events, Bianca was also seen sporting a fantastic replica of Silk Specter’s latex super-hero uniform from the acclaimed comic novel and recent film adaptation Watchmen.  Finally, Bianca spread some color around her when wearing vibrant outfits with multiple straps and buckles.

We are told all outfits Bianca wore during the FE weekend were created by Polymorphe latex fashion, who says the new Buckle designs and Star Trek unifrm were created by pin-up artist Gina King who designed these outfits with Bianca in mind.  It is unclear to us if all or any of these outfits will be made available to the public by Polymorphe, but they are working on a new website with online store.

This is the first of many newslogs we will post about Bianca at this event.  More photos are on the way, and exclusive video footage too.  So stick with us (RSS or TWITTER) and be the first to recieve the news when it arrives!

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