Sep 24, 2009

Bianca in the book “The Models Diet”

Bianca Beauchamp is one of the 12 glam models interviewed in the book The Models Diet.

The Models Diet, written by David Nicosia Longhi, is mostly a collection of conducted interviews with successful glam models about their nutrition habits and exercise/lifestyle habits.  Longhi presents the interviews in their integrity, then analyzes and summarizes them into quick notes & tips that the readers can use in their every day to perfect their healthy diet.  The author makes a point at the start of his book:

You need to know that the models interviewed in this book work hard with great determination to achieve a healthy and attractive appearance. They have a focused and committed attitude towards exercise and nutrition.  It is their very approach towards this special lifestyle that makes it easier for them to maintain their bodies at peak physical condition.  Gaining and maintaining a healthy and attractive body is a lifestyle choice.

In short, the idea behind the book is, since these models made a profession out of having a perfect body, then they surely must know something about how to keep in good shape!

Just like Bianca Beauchamp, the models that are featured in this book have been featured in magazines such as Playboy, FHM, Slitz, Penthouse, etc., and popular reality shows like Americas Next Top Model, Deal or No Deal, American Idols, Paradise Hotel and more.

The 202 pages Scandinavian book The Models Diet originally published in Danish early this year, is now available in english.  The Sweedish version contains photos of the models in color, as opposed to the English version which contains black & white versions of the same photos.  The print quality of the photos (in the english version at least) may not be the best in the world, but the book is certainly a good read and is simplicity at its best and most efficient.  And what do you know, the tips in there actually do make a LOT of sense!  This book’s heart is at the right place, and we highly recommend it.  You can purchase the book or ebook directly at

Here is their youtube promo video. It’s a bit cheezy and doesn’t give the book justice,  but hey, it’s all in good fun, and the girl gets wet! Yummy!

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