Feb 13, 2010

Blue Cover SOLD OUT – few purple copies left

Bianca Beauchamp’s Blue Cover of her collectors limited edition book Fetish Sex Symbol is Sold Out.  Very few Purple Cover copies remaining!

Bianca Beauchamp published a 210 page photo & autobiographical book a couple years ago.  The book entitled Fetish Sex Symbol  is a limited edition of 2000 hand numbered copies.  The book was published under two distinct covers when her fans were originally polled on Bianca’s websites to elect the Cover and the votes were split 50/50 on two photos.  The two covers are referred to as the Blue Cover and the Purple Cover.

A quick check on Bianca’s Online Store reveals that the Blue Cover is now Sold Out, and according to the store’s stock numbers, less than 50 copies remain of the Purple Cover.  Bianca confirmed on her Twitter that no copies of the Blue Cover are left.  She has also mentioned that the book will not be re-printed in its current form to ensure its Collector Edition value.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of the few reaming Purple Covers, head over to Bianca’s Official Online Store.

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