May 28, 2010

Bianca Beauchamp, videogame character in Xbox360’s Saboteur

Bianca Beauchamp is inspiration for a character in the videogame Saboteur for Xbox 360.

Bianca Beauchamp was a main source of inspiration for the creation of the original templates of a sexy character in the videogame Saboteur for Xbox 360, PS3 & PC, published by Electronic Arts and developed by Pandemic Studios.  In fact, she her photo inspired Jason Hazelroth, concept art designer for the game, for his early design concepts for the dancers in the game such as the main dancer in the opening cutscene of the game.  Hazelroth posted recently on his blog his designs and inspiration for the character, where we clearly see Bianca as the source of inspiration.

This is the second time Bianca is direct inspiration for is linked to a videogame character.  Bianca had inspired Ritual Entertainment Although model Vanessa Upton was originally used for inspiration for the villain character Elexis Sinclair in the videogame Sin Episodes in 2006,  Bianca was hired to do also did an official photoshoot to bring the character to life, and was invited at E3 where she won #1 Booth Babe (elected by See insert photo for the exact replica of the digital character and Bianca.

Here’s the intro cutscene of the game where we see the dancer in action.  Sure, she’s got smaller boobies, but do you see the resemblance?  A virtual Bianca Beauchamp?  We’re sold!

Bianca’s character is doing a striptease in Saboteur Videogame (Opening Cutscene)
[youtube fF1HE6DRKno]

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