Mar 10, 2009

Bianca Beauchamp: Flesh for Fantasy

A die-hard Bianca Beauchamp fan gets his latex fetish icon tattooed on his leg, the first of many more tattoos to come.

Faron, a “FireFighter Ink-Enthusiast Fetish-Enthusiast” (his words) from USA sent us pictures of a work-in-progress tattoo of Bianca Beauchamp.  The artwork, inspired by a photo of Beauchamp wearing her famous front laced purple dress (as seen on the cover of her book Fetish Sex Symbol ), is the first of multiple Bianca tattoos to complete a leg sleeve dedicated to the icon.

The tattoo (pictures below) was done in 6.5 hours at the Detroit Tattoo Convention by popular ink specialist Mike DeVries (right), who’s work has been published in many tattoo magazines such as Tattoo Society, Skin Deep, Tattoo Art, Tattoo Revue, etc.  We are told the tattoo’s finishing touches will be completed at a later date, along with the start of an additional Bianca Beauchamp tattoo to be added on the work-and-progress Bianca Leg Sleeve.

Mike DeVries’ Bianca Beauchamp Tattoo:

Other Bianca Beauchamp tattoos created in the past (that we are aware of) include the famous tattoo on The Richard’s back (as seen in the film Bianca Beauchamp All Access 2: Rubberized), created by Gina King who had submitted her design  when Bianca held a tattoo design contest on her forum.  Shortly after, a Bianca fan who happens to be a horror film affectionate, posted on Bianca’s forum  a tattoo inspired by Michael Calandra’s BRIDE artwork.

Michael Calandra’s Bride Bianca Beauchamp tattoo:

THE Richard’s Bianca Beauchamp tattoo (Gina King) inked by FreakyNat Vegas:

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