Nov 5, 2012

Bianca Beauchamp in Peter Czernich’s BOOK Fetish Phography

Five time Marquis Cover Girl fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp gets 8 pages in the very new and shiny photo book FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY from Marquis Editor/Photographer Peter W. Czernich.

Peter W. Czernich, owner, editor and main photographer of the Marquis production company is without a doubt one of the most influential persona of the past 20 years in the fetish scene.  His fetish photography style has influenced two generations of photographers and models, and his Marquis magazine, in circulation for over 15 years which recently celebrated its 50th issue, is still standing strong today in a market where everyone says print magazines is a dying industry – a testament to the quality of fetish images Mr. Czernich aims to print on paper for everyone to enjoy.

Mr. Czernich has always been a strong advocate of printed photography – may it be in books or magazines.  He maintained repetitively in his Marquis Editorial his strong interest and devotion in keeping print alive, stating that photos really take their true form when viewed on tangible format such as magazines and books as opposed to digital.  And putting his money where is mouth is, Mr. Czernich decided to self-publish his new FETISH PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK, with no help from outside book publishers.

The 256 colour page photo book contains over 300 spectacular photos, a summary of Peter Czernich’s work of the past decade.  Autographs are available upon request when ordering.

by Peter W. Czernich
49.95 Euros (On sale at 39.95 Euros until Nov.23rd. 2012)

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