Jul 19, 2008

Q&A with Bianca Beauchamp – Director’s Cut

Bianca BeauchampIn 2005, Chris Pare interviewed Bianca Beauchamp for Nightlife Magazine, a popular multi-cultural Montreal publication.  Chris recently decided to publish the full interview in its full and uncut lenght on his blog.  Here’s what he had to say about it:

“My interview with Bianca Beauchamp was one of the best experiences during my short-lived tenure as a columnist. Bianca, born and raised in Quebec, is without exaggeration the most famous fetish model in the world, and is worshipped on every continent as the pre-eminent goddess of latex, glam and kink. Due to space restrictions I had to cut the majority of our conversation together, so here is what didn’t make it into the magazine (plus some highlights that I couldn’t resist re-printing).”

Here’s a crispy excerpt from the interview:

Can we talk about sex?

BB: You can ask about whatever you want.

Do you two have any rules or boundaries?

BB: Anything you can think of I’ve done it, except for the brown showers.

That’s the line.

BB: That’s really the line.

Go and read the full interview on Chris Pare’s online blog. This is one cool interview not to be missed!

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