Feb 3, 2009

Bianca: latex fetish, sex with women, & All Access

BBAA.com is proud to present to you in exclusivity 36 questions of all flavors & kinks, some of them very personal, with latex fetish superstar Bianca Beauchamp.

Bianca Beauchamp is nothing short of a success story to dream of. Beauchamp appeared online in 1998 with latexlair.com where she started publishing photos of hyerself modeling in latex. As simple as that, a latex model was suddenly born, and with her a new wave of modeling. The mere concept of  “latex model” or even “fetish model” did not exist at the time, and in an era when the word “fetish” was very much considered taboo by the mainstream media and the public, it was no small task for her to make her mark and gain respect. Past interviews with Beauchamp revealed that the university where she was studying threatened to expel her in 2000 when they found out about her website, and she lost a few friends too along the way because of her new found passion. Yet, as history would prove, Bianca Beauchamp worked her way up, starting with veravy little money and resources, and eventually reached out millions of fans out there who’ve gathered online to appreciate her talent and dedication to this modeling form people have come to appreciate

and love.  Case in point: Bianca Beauchamp now appears on prestigious celebrity listings such as Askmen.com’s Top 99 Women of the Year (position 31 in 2008 and position 24 this year, 2009!)

We strongly believe Bianca Beauchamp is one of the source of inspiration that paved the way to new generations of models and photographers in fetish imagery. Back in a time when latex was unknown to most and reserved to only a few select underground kinky affectionates, Bianca with the help of her life partner Martin Perreault brought the sexy material out in the open, and presented it to the public in a fun, pleasant, and very much approachable way. Miss Beauchamp’s career speaks ten-fold on the success of their endeavor and overall public influence on what has now become a recognized and respected photography style in mainstream medias, ranging from haute couture latex fashion to pop music videos extravaganza. It is fair to say that Bianca Beauchamp made as strong an impact on today’s fetish photographic culture as Betty Page did for pin-ups in the pin-up era.  As they said in Global TV’s Famous People segment that aired in 2006, “Bianca Beauchamp is the Betty Page of the new millenium”…

Our main goal with the following interview was to make it as original and informational as possible for our readers. Bianca Beauchamp has been interviewed countless times over the course of her career, by print media and web publications alike. We found that most of them usually remain on the surface of questions surrounding Bianca’s very well documented career. Our challenge was to come up with new questions and dig deeper to get to know more of our favorite fetish icon without actually creating an interview the size of a book. At the same time, we had a mission to cover the story behind the making of the All Access films. Miss Beauchamp candidly answered all of our numerous questions in details which we believe makes this interview even more valuable and unique.

Latex Fetish Super Model
Websites: BiancaBeauchamp.com | LatexLair.com | iLoveBianca.com | Forum

BBAA: Hi Bianca! It is an honor to do this interview with you. How are you doing?

BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: Very nice! Thanks for asking!

  BBAA: When did you start posing in latex?

BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: I think 1996 or 1997. I would dress up with the only latex dress I had and pose for Martin. Most of the time, our short photography session would take place before we would go out clubbing at the Fetish Café (unfortunately closed now). It’s only in 1998 that we launched the Latex Lair website to share our passion for latex with others.

BBAA: Why latex photos?

BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: Latex photography was a seduction game between us. It wasn’t work and wasn’t done to get published. Basically, we were a couple having fun and taking snaps. Also, at the time internet was very new and we could find only little about latex photography and what we mostly found didn’t represent what we felt at all. So we decided to create our own vision. When I got more money, I invested it in more latex outfits. Great coincidence for us, we

found out Polymorphe Latex Fashion, who was also just beginning, right here in Montreal. Doing business with him cost cheaper than importation, but also Polymorphe became a strong ally. Slowly but surely, I bought several outfits over the years. The more I shop, the more my latex passion grew stronger. With all the various latex style, I realized I then could express different emotions and energy in front of the camera. Modeling was for me a good therapy to improve my self confidence and to let go on some fears and angers. But in the end, why latex and not pvc or leather? Well I guess for me, after my first love for sexy lingerie and some pvc, latex became the ultimate kinky, sexy and original material and devoting my time and love to make high quality latex photography was and still is a beautiful challenge!

    “I think I am referred as the “top latex model” because I was one of the very first to launch a latex site and then made a living out of it.”

BBAA: Many people online and medias alike have referred to you as “the top latex fetish model”. Do you agree with that statement?

BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: Like I’ve said, we couldn’t find a lot of quality latex photography web sites, nor latex model. Models would perhaps dress up in  latex but they would not be considered a latex model as they would only wear latex from time to time on their website. And that is if they had a web site! Most quality latex photography I could find back then was mainly coming from the renowned fetish magazine Marquis. I think I am referred as the “top latex model” because I was one of the very first to launch a latex site and then made a living out of it. Martin and I also always made sure that we would only present high quality photography. Teaming up with the Montreal latex company Polymorphe, my friend and hair stylist The Richard and very good pal and make-up artist Catherine contributed to my fame.

BBAA: Your website latexlair.com has been online since December 1998. That’s 10 years ago this year. Is it fair to say you were one of the first, if not the very first latex fetish model to make a career out of posing in latex?

BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: Very true. Today, we see a lot of female fetish models on the Internet. Some are good, some are not so good… Some want to make

art, some want to do it for fun, some only want to make money. But it seems that every week, new models contact me to get some advice or ask to do a gallery trade. There are many new models but only a few will actually remain on the net long enough to be known or remembered. Competition can be tough nowadays, but most of all I think there is a misconception where newcomers think it’s easy to make money by modeling online. It’s not true. It takes total devotion and a lot of hard work to actually make a living out of it. I’m glad I have 10 years of experience, 10 years of photos, videos, publications in magazines, connections and friends… And 10 years of fans!


BBAA: Do you feel you have influenced photographers and models that work in fetish today?

BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: A lot of models emailed me in the past or met me at fetish parties to tell me I am an inspiration for them. It’s very flattering. Sometime, I even feel some models copied a little bit some of my expressions. I find it amusing. As for photographers, they are more quiet than models but I

think many of the new generation photographers could have been influenced by Martin`s photography.

BBAA: Tell us about him… Most of your body of work was photographed by your life partner Martin Perreault. How is it for you to shoot mostly with the same person?

BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: It’s great! I just love it! Martin knows my body so well he can make sure I will always look good on photos. It’s also easier to communicate with your boyfriend than someone you don’t know. There is no shyness, insecurity, doubts, tensions, etc. It’s easy-going and fun!

    “Sometimes, Martin & I disagree and then, we can fight a little. But to me, it only means that we are still very passionate about photography!”

BBAA: In your opinion, what are the Pros and Cons of working with your life partner?

BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: Well, since it’s a team work, the photography will represent what we want it to be, and we will publish what we really like. When I shoot for others, I’m never sure how the shoot will turn out and what they’re gonna publish in mags or websites. Let’s say shooting with your life partner gives you a better control over your work. It’s also more exciting for me when we plan the shooting together (props, outfits, make-up, studio, etc.). I feel I am not just posing and doing a work, but putting my heart in a project we build together. The major con is both Martin and I are stubborn and we both like to lead. So sometimes, we disagree and then, we can fight a little. But to me, it only means that we are still very passionate about photography!

BBAA: Where do you get your inspiration from when you pose for photoshoots? Are there any models or known persons that you admire and have been inspired from?

BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: In 1998, I saw very little of latex photography. By looking around, I got to know the magazine Marquis by Peter W. Czernich. His

classy and unique photography has always been an inspiration for both Martin and I. Apart from him, I wouldn’t say I am inspired by models or photographers that much. I always loved Julie Strain, but she didn’t influence my photography or the way I pose and my admiration for her was out of respect for her accomplishments. My inspiration for modeling and for sets comes mainly from my imagination and sometimes from fairy tales. Since I love to play characters, it’s always easy to find themes. Also, the latex outfit by itself will inspire me during photo shoots. I am very visual so when I see an outfit, it helps me to see a concept.

BBAA: Can you share with us your views with working with other photographers in the past and how it was for you?

BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: Well I got to shoot with Peter W. Czernich, the one photographer I was truly inspired by. I shot with him several times and it’s  always been wonderful as Peter is easy to shoot with and the results are always fun to watch. Another photographer I shot with is Christophe Mourthé, a photographer I had always dreamed of shooting with because he has a very unique style. I loved the results right away but I admit it was a little difficult sometimes during that shoot because Christophe likes a very specific strong look (meaning no smile). I tend to like to express myself in as many and various ways possible during a shoot. I like to smile, laugh, scream, be mad, etc. When you ask me to just do one or two style, I feel all the other emotions in me are trapped. So it was a challenge for me. But in the end, the results are breathtaking and that’s what counts.

    “To me, my magazine covers are not just a piece of glossy paper; they are happy adventures & memories.”


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