Apr 22, 2011

Bianca Beauchamp invades iPhone & iPad!!

Latex Lovers & iphone geeks rejoice: you can now own Bianca Beauchamp on your iphone & iPad… for only $0.99!

That’s right!  Latex fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp  just launched a very cool  gadget novelty on the iphone and iPad, and becomes the very first latex model to offer her own app on the app store!  Bianca 360 is a gadget app that lets you view enhanced 360 images of your latex sexy icon.  Best way to describe it is to compare it as if you were to get yourself a Bianca Beauchamp figurine, but on your iphone/ipad instead!  The idea is simple: touch Bianca with your finger, and flip her left and right so you can see her from every angle!   You can also zoom in too see her more up close and personal.

Bianca brings sexy back to the idevices everywhere!   The app developped by Clockparadox just got released, and already offers a dozen 360 amazing latex photos/figurines of our favorite latex diva.  Beauchamp and Perreault (who took the 360 photos) had this to say about the app: “We think it’s really a cool gadget, that is a neat and sexy way to show off your iphone to your friends.   We do plan to make the 360 galleries evolve, adding new content on a regular basis, and even possibly adding more interactive features in there as well for the fans.”

Now that really sounds promising and worth supporting!!

Support Bianca Beauchamp on the iphone and the iPad!    Oh, did we mention about the 50% OFF special for a limited time?  That’s right… So take it while it lasts!

Get your copy today!

Bianca is counting on your support. Let’s show Apple there is room for
a latex lady such as Bianca on the app store!
Spread the word and recommend Bianca 360 to your friends!

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