Jan 31, 2008

Bianca Beauchamp gives Angelina Jolie a beating!

Bianca Beauchamp, beats Angelina Jolie at AskMen.com Top 99 Women of the YearAskMen.com‘s Top99 Women of the Year 2008 were announced today on their website. Their visitor have voted on the level of Hotness of each woman on the list. And the fans have spoken: Bianca is damn hot! Hot as in hotter than pop star Gwen Stefani (position 55), pop singer/actress Jessica Simpson (47), pop singer Christina Aguilera (36), superstar Angelina Jolie (position 35) and delicious model Brooke Burke (32). Yes, you heard me right: Bianca was voted HOTTER than Miss Hotness Incarnated Angelina Jolie. That leaves Bianca at position 31 , trailing closely behind singer diva Alicia Keys (30) and famous (and hot babe, says I your devoted host) TV actress Eva Longoria (29)! Can we use the expression Hotness Brochette here? I think I just did!

So, who ranked higher than these extraordinary women, and who graced the the top 10 positions of this list might you ask? The list says Halle Berry (21), Beyonce (14), Rihanna (8), Jessica Biel (7), Scarlett Johansson (6), Jessica Alba (5), and Katherine Heigl as the number 1 hot woman of the year. And a lot of other names I never heard of to be honest… But damn, we’re talking quite an impressive list of hot women here! And Bianca is caught in a sandwich of fantastic celebrities. left and right! Well, let’s see if we can shake that list in the future with ALL ACCESS 2 and bring the hotness to fever level! And for that, gotta run back to the editing table…

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