Sep 5, 2011

VIDEO: “Human Flag” gets Bianca Tattoo

Finland Bianca fan, dubbed “The Human Flag” by his gym peers, proudly wears a Bianca badge on his back for all to see.

Meet Simo from Finland who sent us the attached photos and video (below) where you get to see his recently acquired Bianca Beauchamp tattoo, proudly displayed as a… human flag!  A few year ago, the 25 year old machinist decided to take on heavy abs training to try and get rid of serious back pains that he had been dealing with for a few years.  As a result, the pain is not only gone, he gets to demonstrate the incredible strength he acquired over dedicated training, by doing his flag routine in which he does a very graceful “walk in the air” move.  Simo informs us that his best time as “human flag” on those bars is 47 seconds, and 16 leg raises!

Turns out Mr. Simo got internet at home about two years ago, and after Googling “latex catsuit”, landed on videos of Bianca.  Simo says about this moment:

I first thought I’d see an explicit video, but then it hit me: Bianca was nothing I expected. She has such a kind face like a true classical beauty with that incredible fiery red hair. I checked out Bianca’s websites, then started following her Twitter and Facebook.  I found her personality as inspiring as her looks. She really seems to be just a girl next door, with a capacity of wide range of emotions and great compassion.

Simo explains the idea of a Bianca tattoo came to him one night in August 2010 while looking at her photos and listening to music.  A week later he went to the tattoo shop with the picture of his choice (cover of Marquis Magazine – see insert).  Simo adds: “this picture was just so sexy, playful, and a littlebit devilish in her eyes, which I liked.“.  He concludes by saying he plans on adding a second tattoo on his forearm, this time a nude from Bianca’s Glamour Lounge sets.

Enjoy the very cool video of Simo in action, below, as a “human Bianca flag”… ;-)


(Simo, doing the flagpole movement) – Google Translate from Finnish Language

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