Jan 21, 2008

Bianca Beauchamp All Access I


GENRE: Fetish Reality Documentary (Canada)

CAST: Bianca Beauchamp, The Richard, Jean Bardot, Susan Wayland, Martin Perreault

DIRECTED & EDITED BY: Martin Perreault

PRODUCED BY: Bianca Beauchamp VIDEOS, in collaboration with Polymorphe, Club Sin, Montreal Fetish Weekend

SPECS: HDV, 16:9, 86 minutes, Stereo

Unrated – contains a few scenes with nudity

During the past decade, sub-cultures such as latex fetishism have morphed into full scale mainstream attractions. Thousands of people each year join the ever-growing crowd of kinky and open minded peeps at fetish events worldwide. Documenting their private lives and the fetish events is still extremely difficult to do… but now it has been done for the first time with international fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp!

Bianca Beauchamp (Maxim, Bizarre, Playboy, Marquis, Skin Two) is nothing short of an international phenomenon on the internet. Anyone who has ever searched for latex images has seen Bianca. Her website biancabeauchamp.com seduces millions of fans each year. In a time when the word fetish was wrongfully associated with s&m practices, and where latex clothes were used to promote pornography, Bianca Beauchamp and her life partner and photographer Martin Perreault invaded the internet with their own style of fetish photography, borrowing styles from mainstream fashion and old school pinup erotica. The tasteful results with elaborate sets and latex couture is what set them apart in what has now become latex fetish modeling, a concept that was non-existent with this type of clothing prior to their venture.

BIANCA BEAUCHAMP : ALL ACCESS offers a candid, humoristic, and intimate visit inside the private and public circles of one of the most famous fetish icons of our time. You’ll follow Bianca Beauchamp through three days and three nights during one of the most playful fetish events worldwide (Montreal Fetish Weekend). Party with Bianca and her close friends and models in the privacy of her home, attend a funky book signing, and visit a fetish event full of kinky peeps dressed in latex from head to toe. BIANCA BEAUCHAMP : ALL ACCESS is without a doubt the most fun you can get at a fetish event without actually having to dress-up!

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