Mar 5, 2010

Bianca, Red Catsuit Action Figure! Vote today!

Your VOTES could turn Bianca into a sexy Action Figure in red latex catsuit!

Bianca Beauchamp has landed a role as a sexy villain in red latex in the upcoming web series Heroes of The North by MovieSeals Productions.  Beauchamp plays the role of Crimson, a type of Red Riding Hood gone Assassin-For-Hire armed with a deadly crossbow and… a wolf as her side-kick!

The production team is having people vote on three characters to be turned into action figures!  Sooooooooo…

Head over to this page and Vote Crimson.
(right column on the page)

I’m sure Bianca would appreciate your full support, so please spread this news (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and invite your friends to do the same.  Crimson has a full episode dedicated to her kick-ass deadly mission in episode 5 of the B-Movie Style super hero series full of latex outfits!  The series is scheduled to appear online sometime this August.

Now feast your eyes on Bianca Beauchamp’s ultra high kick in this first Trailer of the series!

[youtube 7bAb5CvThCY]

Awesome B-Movie goodness, wouldn’t you say!?

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