Apr 1, 2008

Bianca abandons modeling for Big Macs

After 10 years in latex fetish modeling, building a career as the top latex icon, fetish star Bianca Beauchamp issued a statement today about her change of career. “It is time for me to face my demons and go back to my roots” she said in an interview with Bizarre magazine. Apparently, miss Beauchamp decided to open up her own McDonald’s downtown Montreal. When asked why she would open up a McDonald’s, miss Beauchamp explained: “Before modeling, I used to work in a fast food restaurant. McDonald’s was my second home. I loved the stress and serving cofee and made friends with the regulars. And the clown made me laugh! If I miss modeling, I plan on wearing the clown suit for kids birthday.”

Her partner and photographer Martin Perreault had this to say: “If this is what Bianca wants to do, I’ll support her. Of course, I’ll miss the sexy latex outfits, but I think I could get used to her wearing the clown outfit. It could be sexy!”. Mr. Perreault goes on: “I have a brilliant idea! I’m thinking there certainly is a a McDonald’s clown fetish out there. So I plan on opening a new website featuring Bianca exclusively as the clown. We’ll call it www.McLair.com . It will rock!”

Bianca Beauchamp leaves modeling in the height of her career, publishing latex fetish photos on her website www.LatexLair.com since December 1998, with one successful film under her belt (ALL ACCESS) and a second in the making (ALL ACCESS 2). Miss Beauchamp appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine, and over 6 times on the cover of Bizarre magazine! Fans around the world were shocked today when reading the news, with comments ranging from understanding to frustrated:

  • “I am a big fan of Bianca. I support her decision no matter what. I’ll go eat Big Macs, and I’ll still think of her in good ways.” – Observer
  • “I can’t believe she is doing that! I am a vegetarian, and I would have thought mad cow disease would have taught Bianca something. Too bad!” – MC
  • “As Wendy’s girl, I could have seen that, but as the Mc Clown? I don’t think so.” -Mistress Shelley
  • “I like the clown idea. I collect clowns. I hope she wears the red nose.” -Seigmann

Bizarre ended the interview with one last request to Bianca, with the interviewer asking her: “Will you consider modeling one last time for the cover of Bizarre, in the clown outfit?”. Miss Beauchamp answered kindly : “You know, for my fans, I would do that.”

edit April 2nd 2008: Confirmed. Yes of course this is an April Fool’s!

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