Sep 22, 2014

You won’t beleive Facebook Banned this Photo!


EDIT: 30 minutes after posting the original photo, it was banned.  120 minutes after posting this post about the ban, this post link was also removed by Facebook, without warning, nor explanation.  What is so wrong about this picture that would grant such censorship?

Seriously, can anyone find a REAL REASON why this photo of Bianca Beauchamp was worthy of censorship by Facebook?  Is that photo REALLY offensive? Does it pose a threat to anyone?  Is it immoral?  Is it sexual in any way, and we mean, any more than every-day advertisements you see on public billboards around your city?

Further more, let’s factor in for a second, as if it was necessary in the first place, that this photo was posted on a fan page that already has an 18+ age restriction to it, meaning, anyone under 18 cannot actually view that image in their news feed.  When does censorship on Facebook become harassment? That is a real question to ask ourselves.

Here is the message Facebook joined with the picture being censored:



What community standards could possibly be against this photo?
Is it possible that Facebook has targeted certain body types, shapes, or simply specific persons, to try and slowly force them to leave Facebook by repeatedly censor their content, based on very generic guidelines left open to personal interpretation?

Here is the original picture.


Facebook Comments: