Sep 28, 2010

Bad, Bad, Bianca! BlackListed on Google’s Little Black Book.

Well! Well! It appears Bianca Beauchamp has reached Super-Evil-Stardom! The latex fetish icon appears at the top of Google’s Black Listed keywords!

Google Instant is the search engine’s magical technology that fills in potential responses as you type into the Google search bar. You know, those suggestion keywords that suddenly appear in a box under the search field as you type in your keywords?  Well, those “suggestions” are controlled by Google Instant mind-reading technologies.  And Google knows what you like… and what you think is Evil – even if you typed in the keywords in the first place.

Case in point: Bianca Beauchamp is Evil.  She must be.  Google said so.  Type-in the keywords “Bianca Beauchamp”, and Google Instant stops offering you suggestions.  Somewhere within Google there exists a master list of “bad words” and “evil concepts” that Google Instant is programmed to not act upon.  Type in that keyword, and “poof!”, you don’t get suggestions anymore. Brace yourself: you’ve just entered The Google BlackList!

Fortunately, this is where Google Instant stops its foolishness.  When you hit Enter (or click on Google Search button) after typing in the evil keywords, the websites you are searching for do appear as normal in the search results.  So, to be clear, the BlackList affects only the Instant Suggestions as you type, but not the Search Results.

The Newslog site is maintaining a Google Blacklist page, a place where you can see keywords Google Instant will ignore.    You don’t have to browse far to see Bianca Beauchamp appear at the top of the list.

So you have it. You now know, and it’s official: the sexy lady we all love is Pure Evil incarnated.  I suppose we didn’t really need Google for us to know Bianca is out of this world! Indeed, we all know her true identity.  But I wonder: how long will it take for Google to Blacklist Bianca’s real father…? ;-)

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