Feb 15, 2009

Altparty.net interviews party dude THE Richard

Beloved All Access 2 co-star, Mr. The Richard, gets the interview treatment at altparty.net : a must read for the fans.

This one got past us, but a few weeks ago AltParty.net interviewed happy-go-lucky The Richard.  This 13 Question interview brings out the personality everyone has come to expect and love from The Richard.  The All Access 2 fetish star’s answers read out the way he sounds in person: funny, approachable and charismatic.  One fun bit from the interview:

Interviewer: What’s the most tricky situation you’ve ever been in?
THE Richard: Being tied up in bed and realizing that I actualy wanted to run away. This is never good!!!”

Wanna read more?  Head over here for the full interview.

And once you are done, revisit our own 2 page  in-depth interview with The Richard where you will learn his Top 5 horror movies of all time, his crush on boob implants, his experience being part of the All Access films, and a lot more!

See THE Richard in action in the ALL ACCESS films, available here!

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