Feb 24, 2009

All Access 2 rates 7.1/10 at IMDB.com!

Bianca Beauchamp All Access 2: Rubberized scores a 7.1/10 at IMDB.com (Internet Movie Database).

The film BBAA2 which was recently screened at the film festival RVCQ (Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois) is finally getting some recognition on the prestigious Internet Movie Database website with a rating of 7.1/10!  Since the Premiere of the film, what seems to be a ranking bug at IMDB was previously reporting a false average for BBAA2’s IMDB profile rating, giving it a mark of around 4 even though individual ratings statistivcs were showing much higher results.  The bug seems to have been fixed since this week, BBAA2’s user average rating now reflects a more appropriate score left by the viewers.

Here are some comments left by visitors on the BBAA2 IMDB profile:

  • “I have already shared the DVD with a few friend who were curious about the subject… and they all loved it very much too!!” – firehawkx
  • “It’s witty, funny, sexy and explores the latex fetish scene as it truly is.” – YPS
  • “I found the film well crafted, 100% kinky and powerful.” – phoebus
  • “Rubberized is a movie for everyone even if you think you don’t like latex” – Sebastien Plante
  • “Overall a strong film!” – Jones
  • “[BBAA2] goes a long way into dispelling the many myths behind the fetish scene, and shows it in a fantastic light.” – Stoo

Check out BBAA2’s Trailer, and the DVD here.

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