Feb 4, 2008

ALL ACCESS 2 progressing!

Bianca Beauchamp and the pink ladies A few more days have passed, and the editing of ALL ACCESS 2 is progressing very well! The more I go through the material on the tapes, the more I discover great images and a superb chemistry between the main cast. As previously stated, there is a lot of visual eye candy in terms of latex clothing and, of course, delicious ladies all rubbered up (Richard, you look hot too!). But the clothing is just one upgrade from ALL ACCESS I! This time around, things are shaping up to be a lot more Glamorous! The venues are bigger, there is so much more people in the crowd (1500 people showed up at the Latextacy 2007 party compared to half that number the year before), and we get to follow Bianca inside TVA TELEVISION STUDIOS to an Exclusive 20 minute Interview during the most watched show in Quebec at the 7PM time slot with host DENIS LEVESQUE. And our camera was there throughout the whole process! It doesn’t get more ALL ACCESS than this!

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