Sep 23, 2010

15 Magazine Quotes About Bianca Beauchamp

A sensational photo of Bianca Beauchamp has recently appeared on Bianca’s join page, and features 15 cool media quotes about our favorite fetish icon!

Click to enlarge the photo, or read the quotes here as we transcribed them below:

“Fun-loving, sex-goddess-next-door!”     -BC
“A labour of love!”
“Highly recommended!”
“Bianca is Canada’s Latex Queen!”  -Whiplash
“Bianca Beauchamp is a living, breathing fantasy!”    -Penthouse
“THE icon of the international fetish scene!”  -Marquis
“Gorgeously photographed!”   -POP Syndicate
“Michael Jackson was the king of pop.  Bianca is the queen of latex!”   -Derniere Heure
“One of the great fetish figureheads of the 21st century!”   -Skin Two
“Bianca Beauchamp breaks the mould!”    -Naked Eye
“Bianca, The World’s Sexiest French Canadian!”   -Summum
“Bianca Beauchamp is into everything!”    -People Aus.
“The Betty Page of the New Millenium!”   -GLOBAL TV
“Fetish SuperStar! One of our favorite models of all time!”   -Bizarre
“Bianca is a natural Pin-Up, just like the legendary Bettie Page was!”    -Stop The Press

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