Dec 1, 2010

The Fight is On! Bianca’s Battle Of The Covers 2010!

Whatever you do this Holiday, don’t miss Bianca’s intense Battle Of the Covers 2010!

It’s a yearly Holiday tradition at Bianca’s Latex Lair and Bianca’s Glamour Lounge: Bianca’s Battle Of The Covers pits 100 Latex covers and 70 glam covers in an intensely sexy fighting arena where you, the faithful fans, will decide which latex and glam photoshoots come out on top for 2010, and which ones will trail behind!

So it’s time for you to enter the arena, and get that finger of yours clicking on that mouse button, because you’ve got 170 covers to rate! – which incidentally, is an awesome way to admire the super sexy latex photoshoots published on Bianca’s Latex Lair in 2010, and the lascivious Playboy style glam photos from Bianca’s Glamour Lounge of 2010!

Last year’s latex battle was intense, with over 1300 fans who rated each cover!  Help Bianca beat that number of attendance this year, by sharing the news with all your friends throughout December!

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Eduard - Dec 4, 2010

Hello my dear,
You know that song: “Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world?”
Well, I did !!! And her name is Bianca Beauchamp.
Except your beautiful body, you have a awesome smile on your face is melting me. I drowned in your eyes and your hair is gorgeous.
I don’t know you, but i am already love you.

Lot of kisses and hugs,

Carl - Dec 5, 2010

Hey Bianca,
you are a stunning woman, with or without Latex and your outfits are sensational…. but I don’t like those shoes/boots you wear. Sorry angel but I find them ugly and detract from the sexiness of you and your clothes. For shoes to be sexy they have to have thin soles and narrow heels.

Love yer xxooxx

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