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Jun 20, 2016

Explicit Offernings – More than tease!

    Through my modeling career, I have been filling up my giant walk-in closet with not only elaborated and complex Latex outfits but also with lingerie, high heels, swimwear, hosiery, accessories & props.  The number of options that I have of mix & match is infinite.  Holding in my hands so many possibilities of […]

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Jun 2, 2016

Goo-Goo Rubber Doll – Oozing sensuality

  Modeling for world renown fetish photographer Peter Czernich always brings me joy because not only it’s pleasant for me to model for someone that I consider my friend, but I also trust that with his expertise and kinky mind, he will come up with fantastic photo shoot ideas.  And believe me when I say […]

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May 11, 2016

Leopard Fox – Bianca gets Wild

  On my social medias, did you get the chance to follow my fun and crazy adventures that  I experienced while I spent 7 weeks in Asia? I hope you did ’cause I posted some really cool and bubbly candid pix that you don’t necessary see over here. I had a blast over there! From […]

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May 6, 2016

Lost in Erotica – Come find me!

    I don’t know for you but for me, it seems I am always chasing my tail trying to find enough time to attend events, prepare my photo shoots , do my photo shoots, meet designers and comply with all the rest of my regular day routine.  Around February when the mercury hit down […]

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Apr 8, 2016

Lust in The Woods – Come find me!!

    Are you an horror/thriller movie fan? I certainly am. When I was a teenager, I used to stay up all night and watch every horror B movies that my local video store could possibly let me rent. The more choking and frightening the movie was, the most thrilled I felt. From world acclaimed […]

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Mar 16, 2016

The Love Shack – relaxing nudity

    I was touring beautiful Thailand and my spontaneity lead my journey  to the West coast where I got lost in Thailand’s exotic jungle. Of course, when I say “lost”, it’s only a figure of speech. You did not actually believe I got lost for real in the wild, didn’t you?! Now that would […]

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